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55 THINGS ALL Parents and Grandparents Should Know About The Internet And Commercial Exploitation by Dottie Laster and Christian Nanry, Ph.D

I have worked on the issue of human trafficking in the United States for the past 18 years. It is unfortunate the unique skills I have obtained are needed every day; including holidays and weekends. Through my experiences I have found many patterns and identifiers of possible “luring” and “grooming” activities used by traffickers to lure unsuspecting children, teenagers, and adults. I would like to share my experiences with you to enhance parents’ ability to identify signs of potential human trafficking, and therefore combat this epidemic.
I have compiled a list of 55 things that will help parents become better equipped to raise their children in this age of interactive internet devices. Please use the image links to download the additional resources.

Digital DNA 1.5
55 Human Trafficing Awareness Tips
Recognizing the Early Stages of Sex Trafficing Reference Guide

From the co-author: I met Dottie Laster through a law enforcement contact I know in the greater San Antonio area. Dottie Laster has an unparalleled reputation from the human trafficking and law enforcement community; from local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. When I met Dottie, I was truly taken aback by her boundless and intimate knowledge of human trafficking, and her truly empathetic desire to assist this fight any way that she can. In the process of our meeting, I discovered we both shared a deep desire to root out human traffickers and expose them to the light. It is my hope the information shared in this release can assist in this endeavor.
Christian Nanry, Ph.D

About Dottie Laster

Dottie Laster is an expert on the issue of human trafficking. In 2005, Dottie triggered the largest rescue of human trafficking victims in the United States. Her work has been featured in many documentaries such as Vanity Fair Confidential on Discovery Investigates, The Long Island Serial Killer on CBS, and Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue on MSNBC. She was trained by the Department of Justice to train law enforcement and others on the issue of human trafficking.
She holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from St. Mary’s University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She serves an expert witness, public speaker and consultant on human trafficking in the United States.

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